Forklift Safety Day

National Forklift Safety Day serves as an opportunity for forklift manufacturers to highlight the safe use of forklifts, the importance of operator training and the need for daily equipment checks.
This year’s event in Washington D.C. will feature speakers including government officials, safety experts and industry representatives who will articulated the effectiveness of training to support successful safety programs across a broad spectrum of industries.

Yale® robotic lift trucks can automate repetitive warehouse tasks and work safely alongside their human co-workers through robotics. A comprehensive package of laser scanners, sensors, cameras and software enable robotic lift trucks to detect, avoid and adapt to obstacles, helping to deliver the high levels of safety and productivity your operation demands. Learn more about automation.

Yale Vision telemetry can help improve safety by both encouraging operators to adhere to best practices and enabling management to diagnose issues and implement smart solutions. Impact detection sends real-time impact alerts to help management identify impact-prone operators or areas of the facility, while controlled access allows only operators with proper licensing and training to access equipment. Put telemetry to work for you.

Advanced lift truck power
Yale offers a broad suite of lift truck power options available on our comprehensive line of lift trucks. Whether your challenge is meeting strict regulations for hygiene and air quality, minimizing the risk of repetitive stress injuries, or both, our motive power experts can identify the right source to your operation. Power up your operation.

Operator training
The Industrial Truck Associations cites an OSHA estimate that approximately 70 percent of forklift accidents could be prevented with proper training. Yale offers the award-winning Handle with Care operator training program, a DVD-based platform as a one-stop source for lift truck operator training. Empower your operators.
Forklift Safety