The Drexel SwingMast trucks are electric or IC powered and have a 90 degree rotating and shifting mast that operates as a front or side loader that can stack pallets or long loads in aisles as narrow as 56 inches. A Drexel EX front loading truck is also designed to operate in flammable hazardous atmospheres. 
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Narrow Aisles Save Space, Lower Costs

Narrow aisles down to 54 inches not only save space, but considerably lowers your overall cost per pallet  position. A simple site survey by one of our Material Handling Specialists can determine your overall space and cost savings. We invite you to see how these forklifts can provide you with the most cost effective solution to your material handling problems.

About Drexel Forklifts

With a focus on optimizing warehouse and storage facilities, Drexel lift trucks are designed to give you maximum capabilities in limited spaces. The versatile Drexel truck lineup features 3,000-12,000 pounds of lifting capacity, lift heights up to 31 feet, three- or four-stage masts, and gas or electric powertrains. In addition to their wide range of capabilities, Drexel lift trucks are well known for their reliability, ease of use, and affordable ownership. To see if a Drexel lift truck is the right fit for your business, call or visit Wheeler Material Handling today!

New Drexel Articulate, Swingmast, and Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks for Sale

Wheeler Material Handling is pleased to offer a premium selection of Drexel forklifts for sale at our dealership locations throughout the Southeastern United States. The Drexel Swingmast allows operators to rotate the mast assembly 90° to pick or place loads without needing to turn the truck. For the tightest spaces, a Drexel Very Narrow Aisle forklift can operate in aisles less than 4.5 feet wide. If you have any questions about Drexel forklifts, contact a member of the sales team at Wheeler Material Handling.

Drexel Forklift Services at Wheeler Material Handling

As a certified retail partner for Drexel forklifts, Wheeler Material Handling can offer certain benefits and services that other equipment dealers simply can not match. To start, we will work with you to find the ideal financing solution for your Drexel forklift purchase. And if you are looking to save money or maintain flexibility in your equipment fleet, we offer used Drexel lift trucks for sale, as well as high-quality Drexel forklifts to rent. And in the long term, our OEM-trained and certified technicians will be here to help you maintain the safety, performance, and efficiency of your Drexel equipment. If you have any questions, call or visit your nearest Wheeler Material Handling location in Alabama (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa), Georgia (Dalton), North Carolina (Charlotte, Concord, and Hickory), or Tennessee (Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Tri-Cities).




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