Yale Vision – Lift Truck Telemetry

Online access to your lift truck fleet is a vital part of today’s fleet management approach.  The introduction of telemetry, or true wireless fleet management, drives maximum fleet efficiency, improves safety, reduces carbon footprint, and lowers your overall material handling costs.

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Taking Fleet Management to the next level

Yale Vision takes your lift truck fleet operations to the next level with state of the art telemetry from Yale. Yale Vision provides true wireless fleet management, drives fleet efficiency, improves operator performance, reduces your carbon footprint and lowers your overall material handling costs.

The system communicates via cellular or Wi-Fi connection to the secure Yale Vision portal. Fleets with multiple brands are no problem, enabling you to equip your non-Yale® lift trucks with the same technology. A customized dashboard handles the data analysis, providing clear, concise and interactive reports to enable assessment of fleet performance, efficiency and operator performance. Three levels of management, ranging from Wireless Monitoring to Wireless Access to Wireless Verification, provide you a customized level of asset management for your operation with a clear upgrade path if your needs change over time.

Yale Vision key features

The Yale Vision module can be easily be installed on any brand lift truck and is packed with features that will help your company reduce avoidable damage and increase lift truck operator compliance. Real-time email alerts can advise management when a truck has been in an accident, has a fault code and needs repair, or even when the truck needs a PM service. Plus, you can access the Yale Vision web portal 24/7 via desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world. Key features include:

  • Operator’s pre-shift checklist
  • Driver Identification verification
  • Hours of usage / operator utilization
  • PM service alert w/ automatic email alerts
  • Impact sensing w/ automatic email alerts
  • Fault code tracking w/ automatic email alerts
  • Automatic shutdown capabilities
  • Optional GPS tracking capabilities
  • Overload monitor and control
  • Online reports by operator, department, or by forklift

Whether you own or lease, your lift truck fleet represents a significant investment; an investment that needs to be protected from abuse, neglect and unauthorized operation. With impact sensing, preventative maintenance tracker and access control applications, Yale Vision helps promote improved operator performance through impact alerts, maintenance tracking and management, and truck operator limitations (when access control is enabled). Using standard OSHA pre-shift checklists or specific industry-mandated checklists, this Yale Vision option ensures that the truck will not operate until the operator has completed the checklist(s). It’s peace of mind, around the clock and throughout the fleet, wherever your trucks are located. Once you see the reports on your Yale units you’ll want to equip all the trucks in your fleet with the same capability.




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