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The ground floor of your facility is not your only opportunity for storage and floor space. At Wheeler Material Handling, we offer Steele Solutions’ warehouse mezzanines as your space optimization solution. With Steele Solutions designs, you are able to take advantage of your facility’s footprint with the custom installation of steel mezzanine systems and other steel structures such as catwalks, crossovers, platforms, and towers. 

What Are Industrial Mezzanines?

Industrial mezzanines, or mezzanine platforms, are supported, elevated structures that allow you to maximize the space between floor and ceiling. By implementing Steele Solutions warehouse mezzanines, you are able to increase your storage capacity and operational space without needing to source additional property! 

At Wheeler, a solution tailored to your specific facility need is our number one priority. That is why we offer custom build and installation options when it comes to optimizing your facility’s operations area. 

Types of Industrial Mezzanines

There are four types of mezzanines that are standard in material handling facilities. Depending on the need you are looking to satisfy, one of the following mezzanine designs could be the space and storage answer for you:

Building-Supported Mezzanine

This type of mezzanine is designed to utilize the existing structure of your facility. By incorporating the structural integrity of the existing building, a building-supported mezzanine is a cost-effective way to upgrade the square footage of your facility without having to consider engineering or architectural labor. 

Freestanding Mezzanine

A freestanding mezzanine is your answer for enhancing storage space in your facility. Meant to maximize space above and below, a free-standing mezzanine offers versatility in its ability to be set up, taken down, and moved about quickly. 

Rack-Supported Mezzanine 

Rack-supported mezzanines resemble a catwalk, as these kinds of mezzanines are supported by rack systems already in place rather than supports of their own. These space amplifiers allow you to expand your footprint upwards versus having to rearrange or source a new property for extra space. 

Shelving-Supported Mezzanine

Similar to the rack-supported mezzanine, a shelving-supported mezzanine allows for extra storage space to be built by utilizing pre-existing shelving structures. They are budget-friendly and efficient in their installation, however, they can be difficult to configure depending on the arrangement of your facility’s already installed shelving systems. 

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Build your business vertically with mezzanines and catwalks! Give us a ring today and visit our locations for a tour of Steel Solutions’ products. Steele Solutions designs builds and installs custom steel mezzanine systems and other steel structures such as catwalks, crossovers, platforms, and towers.

Need other warehouse solutions? Take a look at our warehouse industrial solutions!

A Company on the Grow

A Company on the Grow

Steele Solutions, formed in 1996, has grown considerably since it’s inception gaining clients in all 50 states and throughout the world.

Its steel structures are used by companies of all sizes — including nearly every major national retailer — as well as government and military entities.

Steele Solutions is based in metropolitan Milwaukee where it has a 79,000-square-foot manufacturing, design and office facility and additional manufacturing and office space elsewhere in Milwaukee. The main plant was expanded in 2012, and a powder coat paint line was added. The company has additional offices in Cleveland and Philadelphia.




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