Nuvera: Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Power Up Your Warehouse with Clean, Efficient Nuvera Hydrogen Forklifts

Nuvera hydrogen fuel cells are revolutionizing the material handling industry.  As a leading provider of Yale forklifts equipped with Nuvera technology, Wheeler Material Handling can help your business achieve:

Zero Emissions Operation: Reduce your environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner, healthier work environment by eliminating harmful pollutants associated with traditional forklifts.

Enhanced Productivity: Nuvera hydrogen fuel cells offer faster refueling times compared to battery swapping, minimizing downtime and keeping your operation running smoothly.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Hydrogen fuel cells require less routine maintenance compared to traditional engines, leading to long-term cost savings.

Improved Safety: Hydrogen fuel cells eliminate the risks associated with battery handling and disposal.

Considering the switch to hydrogen fuel cells? Here are some common questions addressed:

Hydrogen Infrastructure: 

While traditional fueling stations might not be readily available everywhere, on-site hydrogen generation solutions can be explored for your specific needs. We can connect you with qualified providers.

Upfront Costs: 

The initial investment in hydrogen fuel cell forklifts might be higher than traditional models. However, significant savings on maintenance, energy consumption, and potential government incentives can offset those costs over time.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact Wheeler Material Handling today for a free consultation on how Nuvera hydrogen fuel cell technology can transform your forklift operation. Explore our extensive inventory of Yale Forklifts or browse our lineup of certified used forklifts and “Gold Series” forklift options

Nuvera Hydrogen Fuel Cells

What if your materials handling operation could achieve higher operational productivity, eliminate cumbersome battery charging infrastructure and deliver consistently high performance?  These aspirations can become your reality.  Welcome to Yale® lift trucks powered by Nuvera® hydrogen fuel cells. Nuvera's alternative energy resources has allowed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and driven many large companies to begin implementing Hydrogen Fuel Cells into their forklift fleets.  Their fuel cells are designed to increased fuel efficiency and reduce toxins emissions.  With these efforts, many leading companies have already achieved their sustainability and green initiatives

A NUVERA hydrogen fuel cell is simply a direct replacement for an industrial battery in an electric forklift.

OneH2 is fueling the future with HYDROGEN

The historical challenge the hydrogen fuel cell industry faced was the availability of only one refueling option – a very expensive liquid hydrogen conversion “mini-plant” installed at a customer’s site. This typically included a 10-year contract with a Liquid Hydrogen Supplier. This puts you in the fuel business.

OneH2 SOLVED the hydrogen refueling issue!

Our solution is mobile and scalable, involves no infrastructure or 10-year contracts, and only charges the customer for actual monthly usage. We deliver hydrogen fuel that’s ready for “immediate use” – already converted to high pressure gaseous fuel. Our system monitors your daily fuel usage, through web-based telematics, to alert us when to schedule the next fuel delivery and trailer swap out. This means your company is OUT OF THE FUEL BUSINESS.


Discover how hydrogen fuel cells can reduce your forklift emissions to ZERO.  When thinking hydrogen conversion, think of the Nuvera hydrogen fuel cell as a battery replacement and OneH2 mobile hydrogen refueling as a charger replacement. It's that simple! For more information and an application survey, contact us at: or toll free 833-ONE-H2SE.

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