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Maximize Warehouse Efficiency with Wheeler's Diverse Racking Solutions

With over 50 years of experience, Wheeler proudly provides UNARCO's complete range of pallet racking products, helping you design the optimal warehouse storage solution for your specific needs. In today's competitive landscape, utilizing the right racking system is crucial for maximizing efficiency and staying ahead. Explore our diverse offerings to find the perfect fit for your warehouse:

Warehouse Racking Solutions:

Carton Flow Rack: Streamline Order Fulfillment

Carton flow rack systems utilize sloped shelves with rollers for a first-in/first-out (FIFO) inventory management system, reducing labor costs and space usage by 50% compared to traditional pallet racks. Ideal for warehouses with numerous SKUs, we offer various options including 

  • UPick

  • KPick/Kingway

  • D-2 low profile

  • Rhinotrac

  • Rhinodeck

  • Dura-flex™ systems

Pallet Flow Rack: For Fast Moving Inventory

For warehouses needing to quickly move entire pallets, look no further than our pallet flow racking systems. These systems can store up to 20 pallets deep and handle fragile products gently with adjustable angles and braking systems. Explore our options to find the best fit for your needs.

Push-Back Rack: Efficient, Compact, and Safe

This space-saving solution uses gravity-powered nesting carts on steel rails for a first-in/last-out (FILO) inventory management system. Our push-back racks can hold up to 5 pallets deep, each bearing 2,500 lbs. With multiple pick facings, you can store and retrieve various SKUs without disturbing others.

Cantilever Rack: Manage Bulky Items

Designed for loads of varied lengths and sizes, cantilever rack systems eliminate the limitations of traditional pallet racks. Movable, positive locking arms provide customizability and safety, accommodating any product, no matter how bulky or awkward.

Pick Module Systems: Effectiveness and Efficiency

At Wheeler, we're dedicated to your success. Our pick module systems combine multiple storage solutions in a multi-level work platform, streamlining product movement within your warehouse. Increase accuracy, efficiency, and precision while lowering labor costs with an engineered pick module system.

Let’s Connect: Optimize Your Warehouse Today!

Ready to transform your warehouse into an efficient production site? Contact us to discuss your specific needs and discover how our expertise and diverse racking solutions can help you achieve your goals. Visit any Wheeler location and begin revolutionizing your warehouse today!

 A Full Line Manufacture

A Full Line Manufacture

UNARCO can make any pallet racking and warehouse storage solution trouble-free from straight selective pallet rackavailable in bolted, interchangeable and structural to sophisticated gravity flow solutions of carton flow rack and pallet flow rack, pick modules to push-back rack and deep lane drive-in rack.




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