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With over fifty years of experience in the industry, we are proud to be a UNARCO dealer, offering their complete range of pallet racking products for sale. We can help you design the optimal pallet rack setup for your warehouse based on your specific footprint, measurements, lift truck requirements, and product types. 

To be a top-tier operation in the competitive warehouse industry, it is crucial to utilize the best possible layout for your facility and leverage the appropriate storage system to maximize efficiency. We offer several types of storage systems. Read on to learn the details of each unique racking system we offer.

Carton Flow Rack

A carton flow rack system utilizes sloped shelves with rollers to create a first-in/first-out presentation basis to organize products and lower labor costs. Carton flow rack also uses half the space as a traditional pallet rack and is ideal for warehouses with numerous SKUs. We offer several options including UPick, KPick/Kingway, D-2 low profile, Rhinotrac, Rhinodeck, and Dura-flex™ carton flow systems.

Pallet Flow Rack

This kind of system is an ideal solution for fast-moving warehouses that need to move entire pallets of products quickly and easily. Our pallet flow racking systems can store up to twenty pallets deep and are gentle enough to handle fragile products with adjustable angles and electromechanical and/or pneumatic speed-braking systems. 

Push Back Rack

With a low profile, this storage solution uses nesting carts pulled by gravity along steel rails, creating a first-in/last-out inventory management system. Our push-back racks can be up to five pallets deep, with each pallet bearing up to 2,500 lbs. Multiple pick facings mean that multiple SKUs can be stored and retrieved without interacting with other products!

Drive-In & Drive-Thru Pallet Rack

This is a high-density storage solution for warehouses with large volumes of like products. Our drive-in and drive-thru pallet rack systems can be easily integrated into standard pallet racks or any kind of special structural designs., We create sloped-leg frames to create extra clearance and safety for forklifts as they drive into these systems to help minimize the risk of impact. 

Cantilever Rack

Designed to store loads of varied lengths and proportions, this rack system removes the horizontal restrictions of traditional pallet racks. These systems utilize movable positive locking arms to promote customizability and safety. Cantilever storage systems can be designed to store any type of product no matter how bulky or awkward they are 

Pick Module Systems

Here at Wheeler, we are all about helping you run your business well. We offer pick module systems, a sophisticated racking system that incorporates multiple storage solutions in a multi-level work platform to move products through a warehouse. With an engineered pick module system, businesses can increase accuracy, efficiency, and precision while lowering labor costs. 

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To learn more about how we can help optimize your warehouse storage systems, reach out to us via phone or form today! We are looking forward to doing business with you and transforming your warehouse into an excellently efficient production site.

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 A Full Line Manufacture

A Full Line Manufacture

UNARCO can make any pallet racking and warehouse storage solution trouble-free from straight selective pallet rackavailable in bolted, interchangeable and structural to sophisticated gravity flow solutions of carton flow rack and pallet flow rack, pick modules to push-back rack and deep lane drive-in rack.




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