Balyo Robotics and Automation

What if you could automate repetitive picking tasks and free up workers to take on more valuable roles? An automated fleet of forklifts can double your warehouse efficiency, on top of saving time and money. Contact Wheeler Material Handling for more information on how to automate your warehouse with robotic forklift solutions!

Yale® lift trucks Driven by Balyo can help you get there. When equipped with Driven by Balyo technology, Yale lift trucks are transformed into robotic solutions, allowing you to:

• Reduce operating costs

• Increase operational efficiency

• Minimize damaged goods and accidents

The Robotic End Rider Yale MPE080-VG benefits from all Yale quality standards and the unique Driven by Balyo technology.

It is based on a standard Yale truck MPEO80-VG, and offers:

• Docks loading/unloading

• Long-distance transfer

• Transport of two pallets

• Stock line scanning

• Barcode scanning


Thanks to its navigation system without infrastructure, the Driven by Balyo End Rider offers you reliable solutions to achieve major cost savings while maintaining flexibility in your operations.

This Robotic Lift Truck easily integrates in your environment and allows, for the first time, collaboration between humans and robots in a shared workspace.

We’re proud to offer an assortment of autonomous equipment from Balyo Robotics and Automation. Balyo Robotics equipment ranges from pallet jacks, stackers, tractors, reach trucks, and more. As a newer brand to the market, Balyo has been in the industry since 2012.

Learn more about Robotic Lift Trucks Driven by Balyo on their website.




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